Ahlmann Nederland

Ahlmann Nederland is a family-run business in rural Ammerzoden, the Netherlands. A no-nonsense and dynamic company, we bring over 40 years of experience in the delivery, maintenance and repair of specialist machines used in construction, paving and agricultural works alike, by contractors as well as industrial corporations.

Ahlmann Nederland in Ammerzoden has been the exclusive importer of the unique Ahlmann swing loaders in the Netherlands and Belgium since 1974. In the course of the years the Ahlmann range has been extended and includes, besides the reputable articulated loaders, front loaders and telescopic front loaders, a wide assortment of attachments. One of the distinctive products from this range is the 3-in-1-leveller.

For the maintenance of ditches, trees and verges Ahlmann Nederland introduces a number of unique, but above all most versatile machines - under the name Mecalac GreenJob - on the market.


  • Ahlmann
    • Swing loaders
    • Telescopic swing loaders
    • Articulated loaders
  • Mecalac GreenJob
    • Verge mowing machines
    • Ditch mowing machines
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